Ian was drawn towards the emerging sectors of Virtual Reality and Blockchain/Crypto, as a result of curiosity and opportunity provided by an extensive network of connections in the industry. Ian continued to work with companies in an advisory capacity after the closure of 5000ft studios as well as working more extensively in the emerging technology which would become the basis of the Web3 revolution. Helping to establish new businesses and get them underway as well as joining other companies for specific contract aims. Over time the involvement with Virtual Reality became increasingly deeper as well as networks, Bluetooth systems, Virtual Reality (interactive and passive), Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and their expanding utility, NFTs and eSports. Working deeply with concepts and executions and providing advisory services and expertise, always with the enormous amount of Interactive Development and Production experience. A perfect collision of interest, excitement, enjoyment and the convergence of ALL the technologies that make up the next generation of the internet – Web 3.0

Ian continues to be involved with the Video Game world, all things Web3 and a number of other front-line technologies. Always passionate, always engaged and with an extensive global network and the possibilities that network, knowledge and understanding can bring.